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Behaviour Therapy Programming

  • anger and stress management

  • focus placed on positive adaptive behaviours in a variety of settings

  • management of neurobehaviours and impulsivity

  • self-control strategies

  • measurable and objective data


Intervention Strategies for Addictions

  • establish access and facilitate attendance to appropriate community-based support groups and resources

  • implement strategies and preventative techniques to decrease the risk of early relapse

  • provide support during the emotional, mental and physical stages of relapse

  • recognizing the early signs of high risk situations


Cognitive Remediation

  • planning, initiation and completion of program activities

  • compensatory strategies for memory, organization and decision-making


Communication Remediation

  • functional communication strategies

  • pragmatic language/social skills

  • cognitive-communication exercises

  • reading, writing and literacy


Life Skills Training

  • self care, productivity, leisure, housekeeping, home maintenance activities, menu planning and grocery shopping


Community Reintegration

  • social and meaningful activities, sports, hobbies and interests


Educational and Vocational Support

  • tutoring and job coaching

  • implementing modifications to academic programming

  • providing one-to-one support in the classroom


Physiotherapy Programming and Fitness Training

  • mobility, range of motion, strength, activity tolerance and endurance

  • personalized exercise programs

  • optimizing overall health and fitness and providing health and nutrition education


Financial Management

  • practical strategies for budgeting and banking responsibilities  


Slow to Recover

  • increase response levels

  • increase awareness of surroundings

Community Services

Community Reintegration is about thinking "outside” the box

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