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How and Why

The uniqueness of Genesis rests in its communication model. We provide a seamless and transparent level of communication through objective and quantifiable observations in our detailed progress notes and reports. Supervising professionals that have worked with Genesis have stated that our level of communication allows the Treatment Team to be alerted to escalating situations before a crisis occurs. In addition, our detailed notes assist the Treatment Team in making necessary alterations to programming on a weekly basis opposed to waiting for bi-monthly progress reports.



Our Mission


To assist clients with the achievement of lifelong success by providing comprehensive, compassionate and professional rehabilitation services.  


We accomplish this by:

  • Determining the optimal way of carrying out pre-accident activities of daily living

  • Responding to the needs of clients and their families.

  • Recognizing individuality by tailoring services to meet unique needs.

  • Respecting diversity and ethnicity.


Our Vision


To be recognized as the leading provider of progressive, effective and innovative services to individuals living with the effects of an acquired brain injury and/or mental health diagnosis.


Core Values


  • To treat each client with respect, dignity and honesty. This is fundamental to
    everything we do as an organization.

  • To empathize with and value the unique circumstances of each client.

  • To address client needs through collaborative communication and problem-solving with all treatment team members.

  • To empower clients by facilitating a sense of structure and control in their daily lives.


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