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Meet Genesis

Established in 2006, Genesis Community Rehabilitation, Inc. has developed into a successful outcome-oriented, community-based organization. We specialize in providing rehabilitation support to clients living with Acquired Brain Injuries, Mental Health Issues, Spinal Cord Injuries and/or various complex needs.

Our rehabilitation support workers have the skills, resources and experience to provide support in a variety of settings including rehabilitation facilities and programs, hospitals, homes, school systems, workplaces and throughout the community.


Genesis rehabilitation support workers are supported and mentored on a continuous basis by an effective Management Team to ensure quality of service and to maintain adherence to the Genesis Community Rehabilitation, Inc. professional standards.


Our Management Team contributes to the rehabilitation process by offering a diverse range of knowledge and skills. Their enthusiasm, commitment and expertise enable our company and programs to offer professional, competent and cost-effective services. Our Management Team is readily available to provide consultation to ensure quality and cost-effective services.

Our experienced team members possess the requisite scope of educational focus, discipline and interest to allow Genesis Community Rehabilitation, Inc. to offer clients a broad and diverse range of expertise in the fields of acquired brain injury, mental health, spinal injury, behavioural management, nursing, personal fitness training and nutrition counselling. In addition, our team includes registered nurses, certified teachers, educational assistants, child and youth workers, occupational and physiotherapy assistants and professional fitness trainers.

The primary goal for Genesis Community Rehabilitation, Inc. is to assist clients with returning to an optimal level of independence. Under the direction and supervision of a regulated healthcare professional, our treatment plans and therapeutic interventions are practical and effective, taking into account the unique circumstances, abilities and expectations of each client.

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