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Our Director

Jeff Tronetti-Founder


Jeff Tronetti, has accumulated 26 years of experience working directly with over 500 individuals of all ages who sustained an acquired brain injury. He obtained his extensive experience and knowledge while working for 9 years as a member of a transdisciplinary team at a hospital unit specializing in acquired brain injury and mental health, and at various residential and community-based agencies.


During this time period, Jeff also gained experience as a Child and Youth Worker in a wide range of settings: elementary and high school systems, open and closed-custody facilities, Children’s Aid Society group homes, foster care settings, adolescent psychiatric residential facilities and hospital units, and street youth resource centers. His experience further includes working in the capacity of a Residential Counsellor for adults with developmental disabilities. In addition, Jeff has been a certified fitness professional for 17 years, offering personalized exercise programs and fitness education to individuals who have sustained an acquired brain injury.


Genesis evolved from Jeff’s commitment to providing quality service, his devotion to acquiring a vast array of work experience and his dedication to offering a unique and comprehensive skill set. His sincere passion to help people with special needs and exceptional commitment to learn the essential techniques and principles for observing and communicating the emerging issues of his clientele serves as the cornerstone for the philosophy of Genesis Community Rehabilitation, Inc.


As the Director of Genesis, Jeff maintains and builds on his philosophy by providing open and continuous collaboration with his Managers, who in turn pass on his principles while providing guidance and supervision to his rehabilitation support workers. In addition, Jeff augments his knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis by providing one-to-one care as a rehabilitation support worker.

Behaviour Consultant

Dwayne Robinson-Director of Behaviour Therapy


Mr. Dwayne Robinson has over 38 years experience in Behaviour Therapy and Applied Behaviour Analysis working with adults and children living with the effects of an acquired brain injury and/or mental health issues. He has extensive experience both in community and hospital in-patient settings. 


He worked as a Behaviour Therapist for the Regional Rehabilitation Centre in the Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation Program at Hamilton Health Sciences in addition to owning and operating DRConsulting, a private practice providing Behaviour Consultation Services throughout the province of Ontario. 


Previously, he worked as a Behaviour Therapist at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in the Acquired Brain Injury Program of Centre for Mountain Health Services (CMHS). Within his work at CMHS he was the Founder and Lead Consultant for the Behaviour Consultation team at that centre, which provided behaviour treatment strategies and data collection systems to all mental health units within the organization. His interest in Behaviour Therapy and its role in Psychiatric Hospitals resulted in extensive research in this area. In May 2004 he completed a 3-month Behaviour Consultation Pilot Project in which he delineated the needs, barriers and resources required to implement behaviour therapy at CMHS.


Dwayne has been a Concurrent Session Speaker at the 10th, 13th, 17th, and 23rd Annual Conferences on Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation in Acquired Brain Injury in June 2003, May 2006, May 2010, and May 2016. 


In 2008, Dwayne joined Genesis as a Behaviour Consultant for the company. On January 1st, 2018, Mr. Robinson accepted a full-time position as Director of Behaviour Therapy for Genesis Community Rehabilitation, Inc. 


Genesis behaviour consultants possess 45 years combined experience working with individuals with brain injuries and/or mental health issues who have complex behavioural needs. In addition, they have specialized expertise in the management and treatment of behaviours associated with conversion disorder, anxiety, depression and addiction. Their experience has involved working in the clinical setting, private practice and various community based rehabilitation agencies. 


Under the direction of regulated health care professionals, our behaviour consultants conduct thorough assessments to obtain the scope of the behavioural issues and communicate the findings through detailed reports. They create and monitor behaviour treatment and management plans, evaluate measurable and quantifiable data, make recommendations for effective strategies and provide ongoing comprehensive management reports. Client progress is continually monitored and any required revisions to programming are implemented in a timely manner to ensure optimal outcomes. Throughout their involvement, the behaviour consultants provide ongoing supervision and guidance to the rehabilitation support workers, along with support for the client, the treatment team, caregivers and family members.


Management Team

We have over 70 years combined experience in acquired brain injury.

Cheryl Button

Cheryl Button completed a Master of Applied Disability Studies with a specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis at Brock University and holds an honours degree in Psychology from McMaster University. 


Cheryl has over 23 years experience working with children and adults living with the effects of an acquired brain injury in both community and hospital settings. She worked as a senior rehabilitation therapist at the Centre for Behavioural Services at Hamilton Health Sciences, along with various private rehabilitation companies and as a child and youth worker in a behaviour treatment home for adolescents between the ages of 12-15. In 2009, Cheryl joined Genesis and became the Senior Manager then in January 2016, she was promoted to Managing Director at Genesis Community Rehabilitation, Inc. She also continues to work as a rehabilitation support worker at Genesis, working with children and adults with acquired brain injury and/or mental health issues.

Managing Director

Ashley Preston

Ashley Preston holds an honours degree in Psychology from Trent University and earned an Advanced Diploma with Distinction in Behavioural Science Technology from St. Lawrence College.

Ashley has over 14 years experience working with children and adults living with the effects of an acquired brain injury and/or mental health illness in a variety of settings, including residential facilities and community-based outreach programs. Ashley joined Genesis in 2011 and has continued to gain experience working as a rehabilitation support worker assisting clients with complex needs and/or behavioural challenges, implementing rehabilitation programming under the direction of multidisciplinary treatment teams. 

She currently holds a Management position at Genesis coordinating files, recruiting and supervising Rehabilitation Support Workers, Behaviour Therapy Assistants and Child and Youth Workers.    


Rehabilitation Support Workers

Genesis rehab support workers provide community support to individuals living with the effects of an acquired brain injury and/or mental health diagnosis. In addition to helping clients adapt to their day-to-day challenges, each rehab support worker facilitates the rehabilitation process by assisting clients as they work toward meaningful, productive and structured lives.

Under the direct supervision of a regulated healthcare professional, our rehab support workers provide one-to-one programming. This is vitally important for clients who have sustained functional impairments, as they must relearn the skill sets and activity prerequisites needed to successfully re-engage in activities of daily living and community reintegration.

The rehab support worker is a member of the rehabilitation team which may consist of Case Management, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Psychiatry, Psychology and treating Physicians and specialists.

Our rehab support workers are skilled observers of each client’s strengths and weaknesses, readily communicating this information to regulated healthcare professionals. In addition, detailed progress notes and comprehensive reports are provided to the treatment team to ensure a transparent and seamless communication model. This process enhances interdisciplinary teamwork.

Our rehab support workers are particularly skilled at working with other professionals to adapt ongoing programs and strategies with the resources available. Outcome measures are objective and quantifiable, resulting in maximum recovery and overall improved quality of life for the client.


At Genesis Community Rehabilitation, Inc., each rehab support worker is required to possess a post-secondary education within the health or social services field as well as a minimum of four years of related experience. In addition to being certified in Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid and Non-Violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention (NVCPI), all team members are committed to continuing education and ongoing professional development.

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