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Dear Mr. Tronetti,

I will always believe the real heroes in my story are all the exceptional people that arrived on my door step to help get me back on my path. And just in the nick of time. There can be no denying, if Peter and Dina hadn’t shown up when they did, my life would be looking considerably different today. Likely missing so much of what I hold dear and love so much.

So, you Sir, I humbly submit, are very much appreciated. To do what you do, and put yourself out there on the line, to assist those in need, without a guaranteed compensation, Well that is something I totally respect. I lived my career similarly in that commercial real estate was a 100% commission based industry. Lots of time in, maybe get paid. But the consequences of people’s lives weren’t on the line. You and your team do incredibly meaningful work that makes a huge difference where it really matters.

So thank you so much for all you have orchestrated.

All the best for another awesome year ahead.

Jeff Peters (Client)

To Whom It May Concern;

My mother was involved in a motor vehicle collision in 2010, which resulted in a severe spinal injury, paraplegia and consequently suffers chronic pain and extensive physical issues. She requires a high degree of daily, hands-on care ranging from assistance with physiotherapy exercises, hygiene routines, along with the need for companionship when faced with isolation due to her physical restrictions.

In April 2013, we were referred to Genesis Community Rehabilitation. Throughout the course of their involvement, Mr. Jeff Tronetti, (Director at Genesis), and the rehab support worker have provided my mother with a high level of care, open and timely communication and a standard of professionalism that we had not experienced previously with other service providers. As a result, my mother’s needs were met and she viewed the experience as a very positive one. My mother and the family would like to personally thank Genesis for providing excellent service and for going above and beyond the norm to assist my mother in her time of need.


We would strongly recommend Jeff and the staff at Genesis Community Rehabilitation.

Fawad H. (Client's Son)

I have been working with Jeff and the team at Genesis for several years. He and his team go over and above customizing schedules, adapting to the needs of the clients and facilitating the administrative process. Ultimately, I choose Genesis because of the quality and experience of the Rehabilitation Support Workers. They are professional, flexible, compassionate and communicative. My clients gain confidence and make improvements. I would recommend Genesis to any of my colleagues and clients.

JL (Occupational Therapist)

Dear Mr. Tronetti:

As you know I have had the pleasure of working with your firm on a number of occasions with some complicated clients requiring the services of a rehab support worker. Your firm has always provided me with prompt service and was able to identify appropriate service providers near the client’s home area, where possible.  And on those occasions where there were difficulties (and there always are) your office responded with an immediate supervisory response and matters were dealt with in a professional and efficient manner. There was an exceptional occasion where additional services were required over and above that agreed-upon with the contractual agreement and again your offices were able to respond in a timely fashion. Your rehab support workers are an integral part of our rehabilitation team working under the direction and supervision of not only your own supervisors, but in addition to the registered health professionals working with the client. I will continue to use Genesis Community Rehabilitation Services in the future where and when it is reasonable and efficacious to do so.

Ms. Pauline Shenton RN (Case Manager)

Quantum Rehabilitation Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff Tronetti, Cheryl Button and his staff at Genesis for several years. I have been very impressed with the skill level of their rehabilitation support workers, and the communication between their workers and the rest of the team. As a case manager dealing with complex clients, often with acquired brain injuries as well as superimposed other issues such as mental health diagnoses, Jeff has been able to provide workers to handle these challenging clients. These clients require a cohesive, team approach and the Genesis staff provide this type of service. Their team has also been able to successfully implement behavioural management programs in conjunction with other team members for these hard to service clients.



Ann (Case Manager)

Thank-you for your kind words….we are doing well and appreciated all you did for NC. Annie and Ashley are very lovely and take pride in doing their work…. it was a pleasure to have them be part of NC’s recovery. Have a wonderful week-end.

CH (Client’s Spouse)

Have recommended Genesis numerous times and will continue to do so.  Great company!

(Occupational Therapist)

I’ve been using Genesis for several years now and I’m extremely pleased with the quality of services they provide. The rehab support workers always present themselves in a professional manner, work well with the treatment team and communicate information quickly and efficiently. Feedback from clients, members of the legal and clinical team has always been positive. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone.


GS (Case Manager)

I just want to thank you and Peter for all your help and patience with Josh pertaining to his driving. He is over the moon and I hope this feeling lasts for a while. He is due. You both have been very helpful and supportive. I so appreciate all that you have done and truly want to thank you again. You both have met your true calling and are special people for it. Once again, I am grateful you are in my son’s life. May you both have a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

AK (Client’s mother)

I would recommend Genesis to any of my clients!

(Case Manager)

I am a Rehabilitation Counselor and Case Manager working with individuals with mild to severe traumatic brain injury, orthopedic injury, spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions. It is in this capacity that I have utilized the services of Genesis Community Rehabilitation Inc. over the last 5 years. I have consistently been impressed by the knowledge, skills, integrity, interprofessional collaboration, enthusiasm and caring that each and every Rehabilitation Support Worker has demonstrated. The team at Genesis consistently exceed my expectations and they are the yardstick by which I measure all Rehabilitation Support Workers and other companies providing this integral service.


ST (Case Manager)

Professional, helpful, appropriate.  Will refer again!

(Occupational Therapist)

My first choice for rehab support work services!

(Speech-Language Pathologist)

Genesis Community Rehabilitation Inc. helped me realize who I was and where I wanted to go in life, more so than any previous rehab company that was involved in my care over the course of 5 years. With the help of my rehab support worker I successfully completed a 2 year Rehabilitation Certificate at Seneca College and I’m now pursing my driver’s license. My rehab support worker taught me a lot about myself and my abilities. I am grateful to him.


ST (Client)

The first client that I referred to Genesis for the services of a Rehabilitation Support Worker made remarkable gains. This was rather significant as over the course of 6 years several other Rehabilitation Support Workers had been involved and failed in facilitating the progression of established rehabilitation goals. Given the positive and objective outcomes of Genesis’ involvement, I referred various other files and assignments and currently Genesis is a preferred provider for my company and is approved by the various plaintiff legal representatives I myself obtain work from. As a result of the superior neurocognitive and front line rehabilitation services provided by Genesis Community Rehabilitation, Inc. I have referred various colleagues (Regulated Health Care Professionals such as Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Nurses, Case Managers and Rehabilitation Consultants) to utilize services at Genesis. Verbal feedback has been complimentary and positive.


Kindest Regards,

MA (Occupational Therapist)

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